This is the Future of Bone Marrow Procedures.

Easy for you. Easy for your patient.

Driver Introducing OnControl™ — the bone marrow aspiration and biopsy (trephine) system.

The days are now past when the only option for obtaining bone marrow samples required manual insertion of a needle. The OnControl system provides all necessary components for safe and controlled bone marrow procedures. FDA approved, the tray includes components necessary to perform a sterile aspiration or biopsy procedure.

Based on Vidacare's proven EZ-IO® intraosseous vascular access system now routinely used in emergency situations, the new OnControl device delivers three key solutions to problems faced by today's professionals:

  1. Comfort: The process is designed to be easy on both the patient AND clinician.
  2. Speed: The process includes a powered driver which facilitates rapid insertions.
  3. Success: The process is optimized for a successful outcome like never before.

Our FDA cleared* OnControl Aspiration and Biopsy Systems by Vidacare use a patented needle set paired with a lithium-powered driver. The OnControl Biopsy System, with a thread welded inside the biopsy cannula, reliably captures bone marrow samples.*

In fact, core capture rates in laboratory testing are greater than 98% on the first attempt.**

OnControl brings a new level of technology to bone marrow procedures, minimizing time, pain and effort.