id 3001• Two models with different working table width:
   LN090: 89 cm. LN120: 119 cm.
• Designed for the applications with non-hazardous materials in particle free environment for complete product protection.
• Single piece working table made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and decontamination.  
• Pre-filter with 85% efficiency for particles ≥0.5µm ;
  HEPA filter with 99.999% efficiency for particles >0.3µm.
• Microprocessor control system with digital display for air flow speed. 
• Automatic speed compensation system against clogged filter.
• Audible and visible alarm for lower or higher airflow speed.
• Recirculated HEPA filtered air to prolong the lifetime of pre and HEPA filters.
• High light intensity and low noise level.
• Elapsed time counter and 2 pcs. power socket as standard.
• DOP test inlet